Brave ads on home screen reward

Does brave rewards for ads on his home screen. Or there any other catch.

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hi can you please elaborate what you want to say

I guess he is asking whether the sponsored images appearing on new tabs are in fact already being paid out and I would second that question: from my observations they are not being paid yet, right? (At least I wasn’t able to spot any additional amounts being sent to my Brave card on Uphold so far…)

Thats what my question about. And Ads are also not coming…

@TheRealQubix @Prakalp

sponsor image count if your country is part of the advertiser compain and it show up only on the payment day cause you get your share by split the bats for this one for every user viewed it and of course his/her country being part of the compain

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So i am from India. Is new tab home screen ads is monetize here in India?

Today I don’t know why those ads are not coming.

@justsomeone1 Ah, thanks! Do you know where I could find the details, e.g. last month I got 17.755000000000003 – which part of these might be the BATs from sponsored tab images? I hope it’s not just the .000000000003 :wink:

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idk if any of the sponsor image advertiser has compain in any country i only know if there any of them in my country or not in my payment day when i get more bats than the estimated one

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

it will require doing some math
before claim your bats check the total estimated number then after claim check the remaining estimated bats

now the
the estimated bats before claiming - ( remaining estimated bats after claiming + the claimed bats )
if it equal zero then no sponsor image for your anything else that mean you got some

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

@justsomeone1 I don’t have to claim the BATs since I’ve got Uphold connected so they get auto-claimed but I will try to make notes around claim date :slight_smile: Oh, but on mobile I didn’t connect my Uphold account yet so there I should be able to do the maths myself. Thanks again!

you welcome :slight_smile:

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