Release Channel 1.17.73

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Full Release Notes

  • Added support for CNAME adblocking. (#11712)
  • Added support for including New Tab Page Sponsored Image views in “Estimated pending rewards” and “Ad notifications received this month” for Brave Ads. (#10488)
  • Added Greaselion support for Twitter creators. (#11462)
  • Added Greaselion support for GitHub creators. (#11463)
  • Added Greaselion support for Reddit creators. (#11464)
  • Added promotion for Uphold Equities Card. (#12276)
  • Added P3A metrics for the New Tab Page. (#12267)
  • Added setting for “Cycle through the most recently used tabs with Ctrl-Tab” under brave://settings/appearance. (#913)
  • Improved user interface to make it easier to interact with “.onion” sites. (#806)
  • Improved top site tiles on the New Tab Page. (#12772)
  • Improved Dapp detection so that it is not triggered on (#11865)
  • Implemented WebGL2 fingerprint farbling protections. (#9189)
  • Implemented User Agent fingerprint farbling protections. (#12097)
  • Updated design for Brave Rewards tipping banners. (#11393)
  • Re-enabled Safe Browsing for downloads. (#6267)
  • Removed widget from the New Tab Page. (#12699)
  • Removed known user tracking parameter “_openstat” from query strings. (#11579)
  • Fixed Greaselion race condition which caused the content-level tip button text to not display properly. (#12264)
  • Fixed favicon for verified Twitter creators not being displayed correctly under the rewards panel. (#4557)
  • Fixed inability to tip a creator from the rewards panel if content-level tips were disabled. (#12090)
  • Fixed content-level tip button not displaying for the selected tweet on a Twitter thread. (#6762)
  • Fixed Twitter handle not displaying correctly when tweeting about a tip in certain cases. (#8265)
  • Fixed issue where tipping a user’s likes on Twitter would result in the incorrect Twitter handle being displayed in the tweet. (#5685)
  • Fixed alignment of content-level tip button on certain GitHub pages. (#10434)
  • Fixed content-level tip button not being displayed on certain GitHub pages. (#11766)
  • Fixed landed confirmations being created without clicking on the Brave Ad notification. (#12155)
  • Fixed issue where Brave Ad confirmations failed to migrate from older versions if Brave Ads were off in certain cases. (#12260)
  • Fixed issue where WebGL shader API was incorrectly being blocked in certain cases. (#12366)
  • Fixed issue where trackpad zoom on Google Maps was too sensitive. (#12310)
  • Fixed certain maps not displaying properly. (#12448)
  • Fixed incorrect initial display of bubble buttons from the URL bar. (#11838)
  • Fixed “Customize Dashboard” tool tip text incorrectly being shown outside of the Customize Dashboard modal. (#10299)
  • Fixed labels under brave://settings for consistency. (#8822)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 87.0.4280.67. (#12793)
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