How many BAT do we earn from sponsored background imaged?

The transparency regarding payments from sponsored images is still non-existent. Notification ads pay 0.05–0.1 BAT each as we can see in the estimated payments overview. But what about the background ads?
I received 0 BAT from the latter last month and quite certainly the same applies to the months prior.
Before that, I used to earn some more BAT than the estimated amount and therefore could accredit the difference to sponsored backgrounds.

Right now, these earnings are included in your payout for Ads – that said, we do have some UI fixes to the system that should clear a lot of this up. Our VP of Services has commented on this before, see here:

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Thanks for the quick reply, @Mattches. I had an estimated payout of 6.5 BAT last month and received 6.5 BAT. Since the payment for sponsored images currently is not included in the estimate, I concluded that I received 0 BAT for the sponsored backgrounds. Is my assumption correct?

@Deadlock @Mattches

You are correct, you do not receive anything for viewing “sponsored ads” images(SA) even though Brave claims you do. I kept track of the SAs I viewed, 4564+ (I missed a few days) for one computer. ( I am using my computer a lot and ave. 16 hrs a day). I got 20.9 BAT the exact amount for the other ad views (~418 ads). Do the math. So, if the payout for viewing SA ads is the same as the the other ads, I should of gotten 241 BAT. I did not get any SA BATs in May. Now July, I am still keeping tract (3250 so far). This is the same for my the other devices and family computers not receiving any BATs for SAs for June and May. Not an easy task to keep track of all these ads, the browser should be keeping track of it. It does not.

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