Is pkg download for Brave on Mac OS X a new thing?

So i have just tried downloading Brave on a new Mac running OSX 13.4.1 however i note that it now uses a package installer. Is this something new? As i recall it always used to be a DMG file and you can Drag & Drop the application.

Can someone please share insight why the change in installation method?



I am not sure the exact reason for the change (I can inquire if you’d like). That said, the .dmg file is still available for download on our Github here:

Yes please ask so as to have some clarification. Also thanks for the link.

@Mattches Any update on the reason for the change? Just curious on any information you have received.

Also wanted to tag in @sampson to see if he can provide some clarity to my enquiry.

This might be due to the fact that we can’t know for sure which type of processor is in use (M1, M2, Intel…). The package approach enables the application to take a closer look at the system itself, and make an informed decision about how to proceed. As @Mattches shared above, if you know precisely what type of system you have (most users don’t), you can get a DMG directly from GitHub. I hope this helps!


Thanks for that information. The system in question is an M2 based chip. This was helpful as the pkg download caught me of guard.

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There was a time when we were brainstorming ways to prevent users from unintentionally installing the wrong build of Brave for their system. We had received feedback about the browser not working, or not working as intended. Unfortunately, it was nearly (if not entirely) impossible at the time to determine processor-type within the context of a webpage (e.g. to hide one download button and show another).


How can I download and install Braves browser on macOS?

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Directly from our website or our Github, which was linked above.


Please i have a question

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