Hacked download?

I’m concerned: I downloaded Brave for a Mac computer (using the link at the bottom of the main page to get all three versions–release, beta and nightly) and the download for the release version doesn’t look right. First off, it’s a PKG that runs an “install” process, not a DMG that opens a presents the application file that simply drags to the application folder. Second, the download was troublesome. I redownloaded using the main link on the website and got the file I expected.

Have the Brave folks actually started releasing versions in the PKG install format, or was this a bogus version?

Hey there, @LDMartin1959! I’ve got you covered regarding the recent changes in Brave’s file format for Mac users. Even though I don’t personally use MacOS, I can still provide insights and support based on what I know about Brave. Plus, I can mask myself to be a MacOS user(via custom user-agent) to better understand where you’re coming from.

Brave’s Transition and Coexistence of PKG and DMG Formats: Good news! Brave has introduced the PKG file format on their official website, so there’s no need to worry. If you’re still getting the DMG package, it’s possible that Brave is experimenting with it to gather feedback and attract more users. They’re always looking for ways to improve.

Ensuring Legitimacy and Caution: If you downloaded the PKG file from the official Brave website, you can trust that it’s not a bogus version. However, it’s always a good idea to exercise caution when downloading software. To ease any concerns, I suggest redownloading Brave using the main link provided on their official website (https://brave.com/). This way, you’ll get the latest and most authentic version of Brave, and it helps minimize any potential risks.

If you have any more questions or need assistance with Brave, feel free to ask! We here to help.

Okay, thanks for that info. It just surprised me to have it come down in a different package format. Plus the fact that different links to the download result in different package formats. It was just the sort of thing one might see if a website/server was hacked and linked to a malicious version of a legit package.

@LDMartin1959 Sure, no problem! I appreciate your feedback on this. It’s a great suggestion to mark my previous reply as solved. That way, it’ll be easier for others who encounter a similar issue to find the answer and get the help they need. Thank you for bringing it up! :slight_smile:

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