Is it possible to transfer my BAT to my new Windows user without Uphold?

I have recently made another Windows account and I intend to delete the previous one.
I can understand that you need an Uphold account to switch computers, but I don’t see why I would need one to switch from a Windows user to another.
If you are able to solve my problem, please respond to this message and I thank you in advance.

Switching Windows accounts and installing/using Brave on the new account will create a new wallet, which is why the funds won’t “transfer” over. We are looking into more robust backup options for future releases. In the interim, we highly recommend verifying your wallet to ensure you do not lose funds when creating a new wallet/switching to new devices/profiles.

For personal reasons, it would be hard for me to create and verify an Uphold account. You said that using Brave on the new account will create a new wallet, but then is there a way to use Brave and Brave Rewards with the data of my old account? My old account is still on my computer, the only difference is that I’m currently using the new one. Is that possible or will I have to wait until Brave release a better backup system?

At this tie you will have to wait or verify your wallet. Note that we also offer wallet verification through Gemini as well.

There is undocumented method of achieving this.

  1. Make copy of your profile directory.
  2. Install Brave on new machine.
  3. Run Brave for the first time, close it.
  4. Replace “Default” profile directory with your copy.

That’s it :slight_smile:

EDIT: make sure you use the same Brave version on both machines to not mess things up.

I would not recommend the method @pavulon shared here as it is likely to cause issues down the line – especially for Rewards data.

@Mattches, still better than nothing as for now it’s the only option available. It may be risky, but if you make sure you use same browser versions on both machines you should be fine.

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