Brave rewards when i change the windows

Good day,

I intend to change my OS. what i can do not to lose me BATs. I also use Brave on mobile, i tried to sync, but it didnt work.

Thanks and best regards

You would need to make sure you are connected to a wallet such as Uphold or Gemini so they will be sent over. Otherwise there is no way to transfer BAT to a new brave account. Depending on how much BAT you have it might not even be worth using up a device limit on Uphold or Gemini. Anything under 20 BAT really is not to worth it in my opinion. Uphold and Gemini only allow 4 max lifetime device limits if you are not aware of this. So a slot would be used up and a new one once you switch OS. Not to mention on your mobile if it is connected this would be 3/4.

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