Transfer Rewards to new PC or Windows Profile

I am forced to make a new locale Windows Profile because the old one is damaged. How can I transfer my Rewards to the new Profile? I have already configured the sync. What I have already tried is to copy the “APPDATA\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default” Folder from the old Profile to the new. Now I can see my Rewards but there are coming no new adds now for several days.

I know this is not a supported way. I found this solution here in the community. is there a better way to migrate? I have no Gemini or Upload Wallet and I don’t want to create one. I want to transfer the BAT to the BRAVE Wallet when it is supported. UNtil then I want to accumulate the tokens.

Can someone help me to reactivate the adds or show me a better way to migrate between Profiles or even PC’s.

Thank you

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