How to transfer program files to new computer

I had a small amount of time to get everything off a work computer which I no longer have access to. I have a sync chain and have that set-up on my new computer. However, the brave wallet rewards (BAT) did not transfer. In my old brave browser, I did not link the rewards to any account (uphold), they just sat in the browser.

I did save all the program files for brave, hoping they would be helpful if the sync did not transfer everything I needed.

How can I use the program files from brave on my old computer to transfer my brave rewards (BAT) to brave on my new computer? or is there another way to transfer my rewards to my new computer?

If it concerns the expected awards, then nothing, and if there are already existing awards in the browser, then only connect Uphold.
Even if you connect Uphold to your old computer now, you will receive these Bat on June 5-10.

I don’t have access to my old computer. Did I lose those rewards (BAT) since they were not linked to Uphold?

Yes, you have lost all your rewards. Completely copying the Brave folders from PC to PC will get you nowhere.

There used to be a method but it concerns your User Data folder not Program files folder. See this-

But the updated post does not recommed it. See-

Anyway, if you have the user data folder you can give it a go. But there is no guarantee. Best wishes.
Also, Sync feature does not sync rewards. See this-

Thanks, I will give this a try

It worked!!! Luckily I also shared the local files in addition to the program files. Thank you for sharing the user data folder information

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Glad. Did all estimated rewards restored or did you miss any of your BATs? One more clarification did it also restored your bookmarks, passwords, history etc?

I synced everything before this, so I am guessing the bookmarks, passwords, history all transferred from that. I lost pending BATs from when I switched over computers. I think I lost additional BATs but I do not have it recorded anywhere so cannot say for sure.

So you got your bookmarks, passwords etc. You lost estimated pending rewards but recovered BATs in your wallet. Am I correct?

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