Is it possible to stake BAT?

Hey I want to get a bigger benefit from my BAt, do you guys stake BAT in any place?

Brave doesn’t, no.

However, unless things have changed, staking is available via Gemini if you use them. It’s one of the perks of Gemini compared to Uphold. They call it Earn I think.

That said, it’s only available for US, Singapore, and Hong Kong.,app%20to%20the%20latest%20version

I’m uncertain about other exchanges. For example, I don’t know if Binance or others might have staking available…as I don’t do a lot with crypto. Of course, for that to work you’d have to transfer funds to those other exchanges which may cost gas and transaction fees. So not sure if it would be worth it even if they did.

I don’t know which Exchange has BAT Staking

you can check this

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