Staking BAT & Wallet incorporated with the browser

I currently don´t know any service that can provide staking for BAT tokens, accepting suggestions xD.
Even though, i think after implementing a wallet on the brave browser it would be cool to have an option where we could create new pools and stake within the Brave browser itself, not needing any third party services.

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I’m not sure on this, but I think BAT is not designed for a staking protocol…
but still you can kind of stake (earn from it) in:

  1. Binance Earn

  2. This article suggest BlockFi:

  3. more suggestions here:

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Sure you can stake! It’s not much but it’s something. I stake via

If you link your rewards payout to Gemini, you can stake BAT directly on Gemini.

If you link your rewards to Uphold, you can convert BAT for minimal loss to value abd stake on one of their many staking options.