Region unsupported for Gemini account

I am a Lebanese person that wants to be involved in the rewards of brave but Gemini is the only allowed wallet and it is not supported in my country.
Any idea if it is possible to use binance for brave
thank you for your help

Nope. Many users are asking for Binance or Coinbase but Brave has not been able to reach any business agreements with them. The only options are Gemini or Uphold for many countries, or BitFlyer if in Japan.

And unfortunately, Lebanon is completely not allowed for Uphold and Gemini. What this means is you won’t have a way to convert BAT to money. You will be able to earn BAT and can use it to tip websites. You can even store BAT for the future when they do Pay With BAT or if anything comes available that will let you transfer BAT to an exchange.

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