Is there is a change in Brave rewards setting coming soon?

How to reproduce?
Click the BAT icon on browser top right. Go to rewards settings.
Check whether you see auto contribute.

The auto contribute setting is removed in Brave nightly.

Versions compared:
Brave beta = 1.47.149
Brave nightly = 1.48.95

Brave nightly

Brave Beta

Yes, there are changes coming soon in Brave rewards. This Brave Help Center article has more information: Earning BAT in Brave Rewards

Posting three Community topics discussing the change and related information for reference. There are others out there but I think these were the most active.

[Sweeping Changes] Brave Rewards Can Only be Earned in a Verified Profile
posted Dec 9

Is Brave fully removing the ability to earn Rewards for unverified users?
posted Dec 10

PSA: Rewards changes in 1.48 (currently in Nightly)
posted Dec 13


Actually, it’s not removed. It’s just not available to you because your Nightly account is not linked to Uphold or Gemini. Once 1.48 goes to Release channels, which should be in February, nobody will be able to earn BAT unless they are Verified. Since you won’t be able to earn BAT, you can’t auto-contribute, as you’d have nothing to give.

@nellaiseemai The UI will look different. I think there are posts with screenshots of what users are seeing. Features will still be available. Posting a screenshot of my connected Nightly Rewards for you to get an idea. Just curious, are you able to verify your Rewards?

I guess you meant 1.48 ?? :slight_smile:

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My screenshot is from Android. Not many features there under rewards settings in Android nightly.

Oh… thanks. I enabled brave rewards in all my browsers but not verified. Because I am not sure about tax filing issues. If that is what going to come in future, i need to verify. I’m not so familiar with that. Will read more about it.

Yes, I saw you were on a mobile device. I do not use Brave on a mobile device, only on a desktop. You did not say whether you were able to verify with a custodial provider. Just wanted to give you (and anyone else who may be interested) a sense of changes.

There is now a “manage” gear to the right of the Brave Rewards header. Also, where verified/unverified currently displays, it says “connected”. Interesting thing, if you drop down on “connected”, there is only the option to go to your custodial account, there is no option to “disconnect”.

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