Important Changes to Brave Rewards | Thread

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Really great !!!

:-1::-1::-1::-1::-1: But hey, go ahead and keep kidding your users, I’m already thinking about which other browser to use…


And fortunately there are more than enough alternatives!!!



Great to see some changes in the Rewards system :slight_smile:

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I’ll probably just stop using brave ads. I might keep the sponsored images on, because I want to support brave, but I’m not going to earn BAT

I hope that one day i can link brave wallet to brave rewards. Maybe they could do something like what ethermail is doing, i know I can connect brave wallet to that. (I don’t know much about crypto, so i am probably wrong about that)


It’s something they are working on. Keep in mind one of the upcoming changes will be to have Rewards card inside Wallet, but you’ll still need to verify through a custodial partner. Eventually Brave might be willing and able to do KYC/AML themselves, but there’s a lot of barriers to it for now.

What country are you in, out of curiosity? I’m kind of curious if you’re in one of the places that has a high chance of being added again soon.

Don’t forget that it will still be doing auto-contribute to Creators. So even though you’ll not be able to earn for yourself while not verified, you can still opt in to support Creators and Brave. I know a decent amount of people talk like they don’t care to do that, but wanted to toss out the thought.

The scary question is : " can unverified user that chooses to support only pick the creator (autocontribute)they want to support after new changes like they used too in the past or will a unknown brave admin pick for them pay those they prefer?"

This is not clear and should be stated clearly. If not this change might scam struggling creators from the bat ecosystem.

This also can open the door to abuse and bad practice from those in management of the brave project.

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Not at this time, but it’s something I’ve brought up to Chriscat and has also been mentioned in Community Call. It may be something they can work on in the future, but it’s not going to be anything that will happen right along.

I’m not sure how well you’ll understand it, but the Github they have to explain at least the basics of Auto-Contribute can be found at

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Yeah, no, I’m not okay with this at all and will not be using BAT anymore if this is required. I don’t trust KYC exchanges to begin with, nor do I ever want to use a custodial wallet (just starting to delve into the world of crypto myself). Please reconsider this because it is definitely NOT the right thing to do. Even if I weren’t using BAT, I would have kept the ads running to support Brave but I see zero reason to do that if I have to attach my identity to a custodial wallet with a KYC exchange.


You still can.

Nobody is going to force you to KYC. The only thing they are saying is if you wish to earn BAT for yourself then you’ll have to KYC. This has always been a requirement from Brave. There has not been away for anyone to withdraw BAT without verifying with a custodial partner first.

The reason would be because legally it’s required. Government regulations have gotten ridiculous. If you wish to be able to receive cryptocurrency that you can convert to cash, which is what BAT is, you have to go through KYC/AML and all.

If I’m not mistaken, aren’t there exchanges that don’t use KYC? And if nothing is changing, then why is an announcement of change even needed?

If I have to use KYC to use crypto in general, not only does that completely defeat one of the main purposes of crypto but it also means I probably won’t be taking part in it at all. I was always taught growing up to not hand over information like my SSN to anyone except government agencies, banks, etc. It’s exactly why I don’t use services like despite their positive reputation.

Exactly, but it is what is happening. Governments around the world are now heavily regulating cryptocurrency. There are decentralized exchanges but those are also being targeted right now. The excuses being made are that crypto currencies were being used for money, laundering, tax, evasion, funding, terrorism, and all sorts of other things. so many laws have come into place which requires things like KYC.

Crypto exchanges such as Uphold, Binance, Coinbase, Gemini, etc are required to have money transmitter licenses and basically fall under the guidelines of a bank.

If you have not spent a lot of time researching, I would suggest that you try to look into it a little bit. I’m going to provide a couple links below just to get you started. They may not tackle the exact topics that were delving into, but it’s after 2 AM here and I should be asleep. So I’m just going to give you some very basic starting points.


The good thing is, this announcement thread is open. :wink:

I appreciate the links, thanks. Even if the privacy concerns didn’t matter, I just feel extremely nervous giving any exchanges my identifying information, especially given all the crap that we’ve seen with stuff like FTX. I don’t like the idea of criminals like that having the ability to access my SSN and other identifying info.


Lmao, part of me thinks he left it open on accident. But maybe not.

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If you want to support Brave, then you could keep using brave ads. That’s how they earn money. Part of the ads income goes to Brave, the rest goes to the users.

Definitely. You should register only with those you trust. Unfortunately, wrt Brave, there is not so much of a choice (yet).


That’s the problem I have, though: I don’t trust any company that’s asking for my SSN and other similar identifying documentation. I realize they’re required by US law to do it, but I have a hard time placing such a crucial document into the hands of any single entity outside of the government itself because of how common data breaches are these days.


OK, Knowing that I might turn it back on with auto contribute. I was trying to save some BAT every month, hoping that one day I would be able to use it for things like brave talk and brave search subscriptions

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I think that before releasing this feature, first I would try to improve integrations with other exchange partners.

Most countries do not have as many possibilities as the US. Making users move crypto from Gemini to Uphold to use a brave wallet could be annoying.

I support your idea, but I think it is better to start with more partners.

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