Is brave browser safe? Also community concerns. #brave

as the tittle suggests, is brave browser safe to use?
and why is there crypto shits…u could’ve simply let the users choose if they want to have the crypto features or not, at the’t startup prompt. i mean, completely remove it from brave. there are countries that doesn’t allow crypto. this also makes brave illegal in those countries. china could be the finest example regarding this.
and u guys made tor integrated, do u know the consequences? is there any good stuff in there? pls, i need my answers.

Yes, Brave is safe.
If your concerns are about crypto, you can disable the rewards, you do not need to use the wallet and you do not need to use tor. Those features are there but optional.
If that does not satisfy you, or you have issues with local regulations, you can always use any other browser. There are so many choices out there.

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also for the business part, is it solely limited to the homepage ads only?
and what data brave collects from users?

If you connect Brave to an exchange (Uphold or Gemini) Brave has access to your identification as registered in the exchange.
If you do not connect, Brave only has access to your browser ID.

Brave has access to the number of Ads you see.
Brave may have access to other activity for diagnostics, if you opt in, similar to most of the other browsers.

Brave does not have access to it. Wrong info. Only the exchange has access to it. Actually the exchange also does not have access to your identification as they use third party services for KYC.

That and some other stuff.
Notification ads
Brave wallet swap fee (0x partnership)
Fiat/crypto onboarding fee from third parties like Ramp
Brave Vpn
Brave search ads (not at present)
Funding by foundations like Solana (my assumption)
Brave Talk
Widgets on New tab Page
Top Sites on New Tab page
Brave news ads

1.) Brave does not have access to your data. All data is in encrypted form. Ads are sent to your browser in the form of catalogs based on your region. On browser they are served to the user by complex Machine Learning algorithms. Brave Company does not know to which user the ad is shows, if he has seen the ad, if he clicked on the ad, if he cancelled the ad, all is done by the above stated algorithm.

2.) Brave supposedly had cryptocurrency integration in it as it is “Web3/Web3.0” browser. That is why it has this decentralized protocols integrated into it. Most of them are opt-in or can be turned off from settings.

Sponsored images are by default shown, as brave states that it needs to make some money off from users who do not participate in brave rewards.

Brave rewards is opt-in
Tor can be turned off
Ipfs can be turned off
Ens, Unstoppable domains can be turned off.
Wallet is opt-in

3.) If a user from mainland china uses brave browser, the police are not gonna arrest him just for using brave. As crypto integration is opt-in so he is perfectly safe.

4.) Good parts about brave for your usecase:-
Based on chromium*
Native adblocker
Native fingerprint resistance
Useful Sync chain
Integrated brave vpn, brave talk
Highly private browser
Less/no telemetry (opt-in)
Sidebar etc

5.) Yes brave is perfectly safe. It is based on chromium rendering engine, the same engine which powers chrome, edge, opera. Brave is an open source browser so all 100% of its code is open to be reviewed. It is actually reviewed by experts (whitehat hackers) to find any faults in its non-chromium code.

If you have more questions do ask about them.

i checked brave github page, it seems high severity [not patched] bugs are roaming around.
can’t it be done in a secure way?
and while downloading the browser for the first time in pc, brave should ask or give options if the user is going to install crypto engines (by completely separating or removing from brave. other is fine.)
could u forward this to the brave team pls?

and how is brave faster? bcz it blocks?

1.) Are you talking about this
These are just normal bugs, nothing to do with brave browser security, chromium security. Most of them are not even bugs, just implementations of new features.
Actual security related bug are not reported on GitHub but on hackerone This is where whitehat hackers report bugs, security related bugs and claim bounties (claim money).

2.) Brave team knows about users asking ‘Portable’ version of brave without crypto, without tor, ipfs etc.
Few months/year back there was a way to download brave without this above stuff directly from github. No idea what happened with it.
Some parts from the above list are only downloaded when you turn On that specific feature.
Yes, brave is somewhat ‘bloated’…

3.) As far as I know, chrome is one of the fastest browser. But, it is only fast when you do this test on a testing website. If you test chrome by just surfing web normally, it becomes really slow as it loads ads, scripts, trackers in the background.
Brave blocks ads, scripts, trackers natively making it faster than chrome when you surf web naturally.

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