I am looking forward to use Brave but; I have some concerns

Hi, there. First, I want to say I’m sorry because; I signed up with a disposable mail (temp-mail.org) to protect myself against spams (believe me I have terrible experience about this). And, I will open an account with a real e-mail if I choose to use Brave. To sum up, I am not here to spam forum, just wanted to learn about Brave before using it. I am sorry for my bad English, I hope you can understand what I will mean. Here I go.

I have OCD. That is the reason I am little paranoid about both my privacy and security. I also want to protect myself against adult content. I actually despise all kinds of adult content. For that reason I use family friendly configurations for popular browsers via editing hosts file such as Google SafeSearch. I also use OpenDNS FamilyShield as second defense barrier. According to what I heard, Brave Browser is able to bypass all DNS and hosts file configurations. That is not something I want. What should I do? I like messing up with settings of software I use eventhough I have very bad english skills. So; I have a concern what if I change wrong settings and it leads me to Deep Web accidentally without knowing. What if it makes me exposed to most disgusting and unacceptable content such as necrophilia or pedophilia. What if it makes me to enter Deep Web accidentally without knowing and makes my computer exposed to sci-fi style computer viruses which cannot be cleaned easily? Can you please help and guide me about these concerns of mine? Because; I have heard you can use Tor with Brave Browser and some people who use Tor reaches Deep Web to do bad things. (I am not familiar with technicality of this stuff. I just want to defend myself.) Besides illegality and security risks, I cannot imagine how “these” kinda stuff in Deep Web change my psychology. Even one accidental exposure may ruin me for a time period.

Why don’t I use Firefox? Actually, I am right now. I am using it with uBlock origin but; it is slower than I want. Moreover, I would never say “no” to gain cryptocurrency while browsing. So, Brave Browser may be an option for me.

Thank you for your help.

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