iPadOS New Tab doesn’t put the cursor in an address bar - why?

When opening a new tab, it should put the cursor directly in a search bar / address bar to allow for immediate typing - SO MUCH nicer, than to having to click on the address bar with a mouse/finger.

It seems like someone omitted that purposefully?

Hello @Sriracza, thank you for bringing this to our attention. can you please share a screenshot so we can further investigate the issue. Thanks in advance.

If you have a suggestion or feature you’d like to see implemented in the browser, please leave us a Feature request on our Community website. Please see:

Before you ask for a feature request - maybe you could clarify if this is expected behavior or not? There are numerous support posts and feature requests and absolute silence from Support - this is seriously one the smallest issues yet Support consistently dodges engagement…

Is the reported issue the OP documented expected behavior or not? The answer to that determines if its a support issue or a feature request.

Can we get a direct response to the OP’s issue?

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