IOS Version 1.57.2 ( YouTube Crashed

Unable to get YouTube to come up on iPad. Started with unable to log on and Google 404 for login attempt. Cleared history and now a gray screen even for desktop YouTube app.

@Rite_Stuff can you try to update Brave? The current version is 1.58

Also might help if you advise which version of iOS you’re using. It did just update to 17.1, which you may also want to apply to your device if able.

IPadOS 17.1 is my current version. Updated to 15.8. Still no change

Updating my iPad to iPadOS 17.1 right now so I can test. Will reply back here when I know more.

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I made some progress but not to anyone’s liking including devs for Brave. It’s the Brave Shield. Turned it off and YouTube comes up. YouTube sent out some malicious ad code and it whacked the Brave app Shield. Specifically it’s the ‘Block scripts’ toggle button.
Still unable to log on to YouTube account

I got it to work. Not sure if this is a fix but it is definitely a problem with the Shield. Here are the steps you need to accomplish on this:

  1. Toggle the Shield off
  2. Ensure ‘block scripts’ below it is toggled off
  3. Go to ‘…’ and go to Settings
  4. Go to Brave Shield’s & Privacy
  5. Toggle off Block Scripts
  6. Toggle off Block all Cookies
  7. Toggle Shield back on

Testing my YouTube Music collection to see if it skips ads


Keep this handy another update rolls out on Brave might have to do the same steps again.

Well 99% of youtube is script based so blocking scripts on Youtube makes sense as to why it wouldn’t be working.

Good point. With updating the Brave app Shield devs are up against a real challenge to get around them. Hoping my steps above will carry us through future app updates.

@Rite_Stuff just to be clear, having Block Scripts enabled will break a lot of different sites. It essentially prevents any video players, many images, all Java, etc from being able to load. You only want to enable Block Scripts on websites only as needed.

True. For IPadOS that is different than MacOS. There isn’t much outside of in-app settings to except the fault. With iPadOS my steps will break YouTube script exceptions. True on other sites. And I have not tested my steps on stream sites. But will for another Sports stream site. If there is a fault will post. However, not seeing that will encounter a defect issue. A lot of stream source sites like Sportsurge links are also in the same realm. Just imho.

Yes but what I’m saying is that blocking scripts on YouTube and/or many many other sites will break the site regardless. Just worth mentioning that you can expect this behavior on the majority of sites you visit.

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