IOS Picture Saving Issues

Saving pictures from websites to my phone should not require both Read and Write Photo Library access. That is excessive access that potentially compromises security. This behavior recently started, as far as I can tell, so this may be a bug, instead.

Also, the ability to save pictures from websites appears broken most of the time. The option used to show up all the time, and now it doesn’t show a menu or only offers to save a link. This is even when Read and Write Photo access is given and Scripts are turned on. Please give us this ability again.


Can you please provide the device details and Brave version that your running on your device?

cc: @anon1255531 @michal

The main issue with photos is that Brave interacts with many different kinds of websites, and we do not have full context information regarding what type of access is required. For example, you may be attempting to upload a photo. We will research some avenues to provide finer control here. Filed a ticket on GitHub for us to track.

If you could provide some more info regarding the inability to save images, that would be helpful (e.g. specific images or websites that do not work).

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