Brave on iOS is unable to download data like images or on-website-generated-PDF

Brave is unable to download data like images or on-website-generated-PDF

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. go to
  2. upload an image and edit it
  3. select menu > export as
  4. a dialog opens, choose save
  5. Brave does nothing, the dialog closes — Safari will here download the image to the downloads folder

Expected result:

Save the image.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

1.24 (

Mobile Device details

iPad Pro - iPadOS 14.4.2

Additional Information:

Brave is set to be the default browser.


Hello @thommes

do you able to download from any other site ?

if no then check the permission for brave from your ios setting

if yes then try to disable shield and see if it work or not

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

@justsomeone1 nice suggestion, but won’t help. The same behavior goes for Chrome and Firefox. At least I think it’s an Apple thing. The only browser that is able to download content created directly on a website or using an HTML5-webapp is Safari.

The ability to download is given. But this goes only for static files. I play bass-guitar and frequently download tutorials as PDF-files, those files will download. My ISP for example generates a PDF of my invoice on demand, when visiting the website. Chrome, Brave, Firefox are unable to simply download those files. In the description I mentioned, that is a HTML5 Photo-editor that does it’s work in the browser. Only Safari is able to download the results.

Edit: photopea won’t work in Brave with shields activated, so my try was done with shields down.

Hello @thommes

thanks for the info but since you mentioned that it does not work for chrome which brave is build based on it then as you suggest it could be related to apple thing

but let me ask someone from the team @Mattches @michal to help you if they know any other way arround that

please notice it still weekend so it will take time till you get a response

and have a nice day all of you :slight_smile:

@justsomeone1 thanks for the feedback. I also think it’s an Apple thing. The only entry in the settings that goes for downloads is in the Safari settings. Brave, Firefox and Chrome don’t have a setting like this. Not in the iOS-settings nor in the browser-settings.


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I think you’re right – this appears to be an Apple issue. I’ll reach out to the devs either way and see if there’s anything we can do.

@Mattches thanks for the reply and further investigation. At least Apple may argue this limitation is a security-thing but why do they offer to change the default browser but limit its permissions?

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