IOS brave rewards Issue

This browser has been great until recently. I no longer receive credits for watching adds. I watch over 70 adds yet I was stuck on 1.750 BAT. I shut down and restarted multiple time but it still would not increaSe my rewards. So I deleted the app and downloaded it again. My original pay out date was September 3rd or 6th. Now my rewards are 0 with an expected payout date of October 5th, and I no longer receive ads. I have an iPhone 11 with iOS 13.7. Is there a way to recover my earned BAT and receive credit for the ads that I watched? Please help. Thanks.

Edit. I just received my first ad. Do you think there is any way to get my erased rewards?

Hi @Mrfocus70, Welcome to Community!

When you say you had 1.750 BAT, was that the wallet balance or pending balance?

And, unfortunately, there is no way to recover BAT on iOS after deleting the app.

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