Sync code is changing?

Last week I setup the sync code as I needed to copy my profile to another computer.

Today I check the sync code in the same computer, and saw the last word has changed.

Is it normal?!

Hello @jsmo, thank you for letting us know about your concern. The sync code, is an unique 24 word code whenever you get it should not change, for further information you can check the following link: Let me know if this is still an issue. Regards.

I think the article linked is outdated. The Sync code is now 25 words. The 25th word changes daily.

This link has more information and instuctions:

Recovery key not accepted on fresh install - had to start from scratch! - #12 by Alexey

This link is to the tool that will give you the current day’s 25th word.

online-tool to see what is the 25th sync word

Hope this helps anyone viewing this topic. Take care.

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