Captcha Problem -- Wayy too many captchas

I switched to Brave about 4 months ago, everything worked perfectly fine and later I reinstalled windows and just used chrome, About 2 days ago I decided to install Brave again and the captcha’s are literally making me uninstall Brave.

This problem isn’t happening on Microsoft edge or chrome, every time I reload a page, go visit any website that requires you to do a captcha (i.e. forum websites like this one) and basically any website that requires you to do a captcha. Recaptcha has a built-in system which automatically doesn’t show you captcha’s for a while if you recently solved one. But this doesn’t seem to work on Brave and I have to go through literally 4 - 5 pages of captcha’s just clicking images.

I’m using the latest windows stable version of Brave, I wanted to know If anyone else has this problem and If there’s a fix to it.

Yes, I have observed that.
But, since the objective of Brave is privacy this is understandable.

I prefer it this way. I prefer safety and privacy over usability.
Just bare in mind that if no captcha is asked for you, it may also not be asked for any malicious software running in your machine.

Oh, well in that case it’s alright. I simply thought it was a bug.


If you are asked for Captcha too many times, the other side thinks that you dont have a “normal” connection; So check the following:

  1. Flush DNS
  2. Do not delete cookies; Open brave://settings/clearBrowserData and disable cookies On Exit Tab
  3. Do not use VPN.
  4. If you are using a secure DNS disable it @ brave://settings/security; Try the google public DNS to see if this solves the issue.

Wrong solution (in my opinion).

Captca’s have nothing to do with brave browser or how brave functions. Even with aggressive fingerprinting, there should be this many captchas, the way you are referring.

Either the problem is with your IP address or with your DNS. Follow the above method from cerreallover.

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Thank you! I changed my DNS and It works.

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