Brave Search constantly checking if I'm a bot

Description of the issue:

Most of the times when I try and search using Brave Search it makes me do a tedious Captcha to check I’m “not a bot”. I’m using ProtonVPN, as I’m sure do many of your other customers who are, on average, more privacy-conscious than the norm. Can you please do a better job of not mistakenly flagging us this way? I don’t want to have to choose between my VPN and Brave Search.

Brave Version (check About Brave):

Operating System:
Mac OS 13.0

Can you allow brave search cookie in brave browser on permanent basis.
It will stop you flagging then.

Could you turn off the vpn and search and then turn it back on after one search ?
That helps in most cases where a VPN is being used.

I don’t delete the cookies at all, and I still get this like every 3 or 4 searches

Yeah but it’s a pain, it takes a few seconds to connect and disconnect properly and the search can hang if it’s not finished doing that when you hit enter