Installing Brave Search in Safari

I would like to install Brave Search engine as a preferred engine in Safari. Right now I can select DDG, Google, Bing but I can’t figure out how to get Brave search to list as an option.
I’m on a Mac Mini Desktop.

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This is a limitation implemented by Apple/Safari. You can only choose a default from the list they provided (Safari --> Preferences —> Search --> Search engine). The closest you can get in Safari is to perform a search on, then you can use the Safari “quick search” option to search using Brave via the address bar. Simply start typing in until it auto-populates, then hit Tab then enter your search query

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Wow, quick response. What I’ve done is make Brave search a Favorite and put it in the toolbar. That’s pretty close but it won’t show up in, say, contextual menus. Thanks!

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My pleasure! Closing this thread for now.