Safari Extension to set Brave Search as the Default Search Engine

Suggestion: Create an extension for Safari on iOS and iPadOS that would make Brave Search the default search engine in Safari.

Alternative Suggestion: If it is not possible to change the default search engine outright, enable a !bang that is just a space (example would read " test search") for Brave Search.

Why: Exposing Safari users to Brave Search would increase the visibility of Brave Browser and introduce more iOS users to the Brave ecosystem. Brave Search is an incredible search engine. In comparison to the search engines that are packaged with Safari (Google, Yahoo, Bing, DDG, and Ecosia), it has better results and much better UI than the others. In addition, Safari extensions on iOS and iPadOS must be packaged with a standalone app (eg Brave Browser). This structure would therefore require users to install Brave Browser in order to use the Safari extension packaged with it, which would increase downloads of Brave Browser.

Additional Note: There is already an extension on the app store (xSearch for Safari) that enables multiple and custom search engines; however, an extension directly from Brave would be much more trustworthy and presumably not behind a paid barrier.

Thank you for your consideration!

Edit: Hyperlink correction

Really like the idea of a Safari extension. This was the first thing I looked for in order to use Brave Search Beta for Safari on iPadOS.

With the CEO of DDG recently tweeting that they will support active political events to shape recommended search results, Brave needs to become more accessible to take up the mantle that DDG is dropping.

@newalexandria Agree. Due to that I am migrating the search engine in all my machines from DDG to Brave Search!

Made an account just to vote for this. I really like Brave Search, but without an extension for Safari I barely use it, and I also can’t recommend it to anyone else.

DDG has always been a scam, regardless of political events: basically, it’s a re-branded Microsoft Bing, and how Microsoft could “protect privacy” is still a mystery. See also

I also just signed up on the community to put my vote towards a safari extension. I love the Brave browser, but I am also using Safari. Would love the convenience of not having to open to search.