Use Brave search as default in iOS

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Description of the issue:
I use brave as my default browser on my Iphone. I also set the Brave search as my default search engine in the browser. But when I’m searching on my iPhone and get the option to open the search in my Breave browser the search is made with DuckDuckGo. I want this search to be with the Breave search also. Please advise.

Brave Version (check About Brave):
1.52 (
Operating System:
iOS 16.5.1

You’re not looking in Brave it seems. If you look at the top left it’s saying to go back to Safari. Below is a screenshot of Brave’s settings.

But if I go to iPhone settings and then Safari, I see exactly what you’re showing in your screenshot

Instead you need to go to settings within Brave and you’ll have no issues

I know it. I set my brave browser search to brave search.
But if I want to set Brave search as my default search for my iOS search I need to change Safari search engine.
As you know if you pull down your home screen in iOS you can search.
If the search results you get is not what you look for you can choose the browser option but even that I chose Brave browser because it is my default the search is go in DuckDuckGo and not Brave search.