“Brave Verified Creator” - installed everything and months have pasted -- still not a "Verified Creator"

To Whom It May Concern,
My goal is to connect my website to be a “Brave Verified Creator”.
Attempting this from a Windows 10 64 bit machine - not sure if that matters any.

I’ve created an account at Uphold, created a google authentication login, spent $50 in BAT, transfer monies from Coinbase into my new Uphold wallet, installed the brave/word press zip on my server, (didn’t work), tried (attempt #2), to even change the DSN server name to TXT, and also uploaded the .txt file as well. And, after all that, I still can’t get Brave to verify my account.

Does it take 24-48 hours after uploading it to your server?
Please help as I’d like to connect this as soon as possible, have paid money, spend time/energy and at this point, I’m not sure (if) there is even anything more to try?

Also, why do these threads (which are basic questions to sign up) getting closed out with no answers. I’ve already created this exact thread in May and no one replied.

I’ve done everything aske, even bought BAT tokens, the file is on my server and months have pasted?

: (

With Kind Regards,
John Clees

Yes, it takes 24-48 hours to verify.

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Thank you for the reply.

As stated, I’ve waited months.
For me, I started tbis process in May.
It most certainly does not take 48 hrs.

Furthermore, I put the file which didn’t sync either way, so I manually put it on my server in five places, and literally refreshed my “creator status” to “try” to update it; as I’ve probably refreshed it 50 to 80 times in the past 45 days period.

That answer is not applicable per the post stating I’ve waited over 45 days with no results.

I also see other people posting the exact same response with not a practical reply and then it gets removed after 30 days.

This is a pretty unfortunate thing to do when you require people to actually buy bat tokens in order for it to work, and after all this process it still doesn’t work.

And I can’t even get a reply other than some cut and copy response who didn’t even read the post.

DNS verification (for yourowndomain.com) should be the easier method IMO. https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/360021408352-How-do-I-verify-my-channel-

Can you retry the verification and maybe share a screenshot of your TXT record (please erase the verification code)? Just to make sure you put the right one.


Thanks so much, at this point I’ll try anything.
I was going to sell my bat coins if I didn’t get it to work.
I’ll report back shortly.
Thanks again.

Well, not off to a good start, that was the file I already had - “.well-known/brave-payments-verification.txt file.” on my site 4-5 times.

When I put the “plugin” file on my server — MY ENTIRE SITE WENT OFFLINE…


These were the read me install instructions:
== Installation ==

  1. Upload this plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to Settings > Brave Payments Verification, enter the verification code you received, and click on Save Changes.
  4. Once you have received an e-mail that your site has been verified, deactivate this plugin.

After this happened I did see brave-payments-verification / Last Updated: 3 years ago / plugin doing a search afterwards.

Perhaps I should give that a try after I just put my site back together after 150 hour project.
I was actually done with my new site and then this happened.
I’ll report back after I put together the pieces…

P.s. My pages are there, I hope my hosting company can put this back together; as dropping a “plugin” on my server (which already had one), ended up overwriting the 4 plugin’s that were already installed?!

I see my pages are there, but that was awful.
How would you drop a plug in on a word press site that already has one?

I just want this to be over…haha…
I’ll write back in a few day.


I had the same issues using the wp plugin. Later on I did it manually (uploaded txt via ftp) and worked almost instantly. You should check if you yourself can access that txt file in yourdomain.com/.well-known/

Its been a while so I don’t remember exactly what happened but there were issues using the plugin for sure.

Can you re-try with DNS method instead, @Redsoul33 ? :point_up:

I think the main issue in this instance, is that the readme file that’s included in the download is not what it says on the link. Meaning there were two completely different instructions from the url/screen shot vs. readme file.

I’ll give that another try - reuploading (already tried 5-8 times before), again.
Upon trying - also, now (trying to log in), getting through loopholes of (more links/codes/process).

Two-factor Authentication
Enter the authentication code from your mobile app to verify your identity.

Then it’s telling (more down time/energy) to reset it – that will be a two day delay…

The mobile app of what? THIS instruction makes zero sense, doesn’t related to anything, and doesn’t even explain what/why it’s mentions a mobile app as I’m installing brave rewards for a creator platform?! Wow.


Having trouble with 2-factor authentication?

If you’ve lost your authenticator app or device, access can be restored by removing your 2-factor security settings.

Please note, for your security, we require a 2 day waiting period for the 2-factor authentication removal to complete

  • The account channels will need to be re-verified.
  • The account wallet will need to be re-verified.
  • There will be a 30-day waiting period on payments.

Two-factor Authentication

Your two-factor authentication is in the process of being removed.
2 days remaining.

  • The account channels will need to be re-verified.
  • The account wallet will need to be re-verified.
  • There will be a 30-day waiting period on payments.

More loop holes, more steps - now I have to turn off two party _ locked for 2 days, to get access to get try again. More downtime – coming close to 60 days from trying to implement some “silly idea” that people “might use” in two years.
What a joke!

It also looks (now that my site is back online from 4 days) the “Brave Rewards” shows up in Wordpress “Add Plugin” Search. I’ve downloaded it but then come to the same issue.

This mentioned in the (screen shot) for wordpress in the links provided:
– "Once the code is posted in"
Posted “in” what? wft?

Again, complete nonsense. Its like 3rd grader wrote instructions.
Everything is assumed, with zero no details, and generalities at best confusing a several step process, re: reading the wordpress “instructions”.

I’ll running out of steam, but will reset this, uploaded and/or fiddle with the direct wordpress option as soon as I reset my some password I wasn’t even sure I had in the first place.

I didn’t think installing a plugin from wordress would be a james bond movie with bad instructions that crashed by website for almost a week over the 4th of July weekend from the community/links/instructions themselves.

Just got this email - MORE waiting/process - timelines

Hi John Clees,

This is a friendly reminder that the requested changes to your security settings are in progress. In 2 days, 2-factor authentication will be removed from your account. Please note, once your 2-factor authentication is removed:

  • The account channels will need to be re-verified.
  • The account wallet will need to be re-verified.
  • There will be a 30-day waiting period on payments.

Holy smokes it worked.

Re: Wordpress plugin (not updated in 3 years), was useless, attempted two different accounts.

One mistake I made was, I forgot I had my paying original account set up via google auth – so that was the back and forth with the reset.

Using a 2nd account, going for the plugin this time was completely useless.
How is Brave going to be a new technology but not update their Wordpress Plugin. lulz.

My main issue was ( I could not see the .well-known) folder. I added it in twice, still couldn’t see it.
I had to adjust a drop down for all, do a search, then upload the file.

So it was visiblity issues as I couldn’t even “see the folder” to upload it on my server, but it did come up in a search.

I even wrote my hosting company to change the DNS as after 60 days I was completely out of luck.
Such the law of the universe, to make way just at the end.

Thanks for listening/responding.

Good you got your problem fixed :slight_smile:

May I get to see your site? I would like to view it :slight_smile:

Certainly - https://redsoulrecords.com/

Trying to implement this with 5-6 directions/ways, finally seeing some 3 year old updated wordpress plugin, then some plugin add-on to then correct text or change a rule, or then have your hosting company change some path just seems intensely unnecessary, and a bit murkier.
Too many options.

Also, knowing it should happen “right away” was helpful, that way you dont go down 5 attempts at nothing draining your your energy, also assuming “that” was the right way to do it, as I think I saw 7 "solutions… lulz.

It does say you are a Verified Creator now… But it still says that you haven’t configured your account to receive contributions.

Was that intentional?

Great point, most certainly not.
I may have also confused that with multiple logins and multiple google auth “codes”.

When I log into the uphold dashboard I see my bat tokens which I bought.
I’ve since, logged in, connected my uphold account again, but I still see what you’re referring to.

Let me give it a day or two, as as a safety measure, (as I was also going between computers, deleted over 100+ passwords from google, as well as create new passwords), lots of readjusting/shifting… just meaning I just now connected it, attempted on a cell phone but seems the pc is a better option, and just resynced the site with the creator brave login.

Perhaps the “balance” should say 0 as I just connected it, but as you say the site still doesn’t reflect the system being connected to the wallet part just yet.
I think it said it takes 24-36 hours possibly.

Just crossed checked it says:


You can choose to link your wallet to any of the third-party apps below

Brave Rewards


Brave Browser


Let me give it a day or two.

: )

Aight… We will see :slight_smile:
And BTW you have a done a great job with the site…

Thanks you kindly!

Also, I dont understand what the next step is from here.

On the pc, when I go to my site, it says Uphold Wallet verified - I have 25 bat tokens, but says I haven’t set it up?

This makes no sense to me.


Also, upon clicking " Uphold Verified Wallet"…
I have a “Brave Browsers”, “Bat Account”, AND “Site Rewards”

Do I not have all the bat tokens into the correct account?
I donated 1 bat token to the site, but it still shows pending.

Also, I’ve not added a bank account yet to uphold, but have the 25 Bat tokens there.

This is getting annoying again…

I also had a default Reset 2 step caught in an “inbetween” mode sort-to-speak. I may have did 1 step of 2, but never cancelled it. Also mixed up between 3 different google auth codes, (2 brave & 1 Uphold) password, which is perhaps how this also got mixed up attempting to use 2nd brave password by mistake, then the 1st brave password when I should have used the uphold…

I’ve since cancelled that, was also signed in through my site via wordpress, logged out of that, reset my password, and logged in again.

Dare I say it’s “actually” working now? haha

Lmao yeah is working… Well that was weird none the less xD