Installed but not opening... MacOs

I just downloaded both files for instalation, the .dmg and the .pkg, and both got installed at a point;
the problem is that it just doesn’t open…

At the begining, the icon starts to jump, like any other when it’s going to open, but suddenly, it just disappears… I’ve tried with both installed versions of the files, and it just doesn’t work…

I’d opened the folder file to look for other components, and found the .exe file, but when I opened it, it takes me to the terminal app and display all the messages from there… at some point it says that it cannot be opened somehow…

I’ve installed Brave on my Android mobile, and in another mac, a macbook air, and in both cases it works fine, in this case, the one that’s not working, it’s a Imac, with High Sierra OS.

Please, let me know how can I make it run on my computer, I really like Brave and I’d like to have this on all my devices.



cc @Mattches @sriram for assistance here

Thanks for reaching out to us. Please try the following:

  1. On your mac, navigate to~/library/application support/ and look for the BraveSoftware subfolder – delete it.
  2. Go to your installed applications, find Brave, and trash it.
  3. Find any icons or lingering Brave elements and trash them.
  4. Re-download Brave Browser from our official website and install normally.

Let me know if you get the same behavior.

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