Cannot install Brave on Windows 10: "The downloaded file failed verification."

I am unable to successfully install Brave on a Windows 10 64-bit machine that otherwise seems to be functioning normally. Upon downloading the install file and opening it, it progresses through the first few steps before quickly terminating with the following error message: “The downloaded file failed verification.”


It looks to my untrained eyes more like an internal Chromium / Google kind of error message rather than anything native to Windows or the outermost layer of the installer itself. This seems to be reinforced by the fact that search results for this phrase seem to only turn up results related to folks having trouble installing Chrome or Google Earth. Most of those results are from a decade or so ago.

I have Chrome and Firefox installed on my machine as well, in addition to the browsers that ship with Windows 10. I have tried this process with both Firefox and Chrome set as the OS’s default browser in case that made any difference. It hasn’t.

Steps to Reproduce: 1. Download .exe installer from Brave website 2. Open and give appropriate permissions, etc. 3. Installer begins but quickly terminates in the error message displayed above.

I’ve been able to reproduce this several times on several different days, downloading the installer from multiple browsers, and have tried doing a registry check and clean, etc.

Thanks for your insight!

@aquinnfam apologies for late response.

Did you have AV installed on your machine? You may want to try disable it when installing Brave.

Also, you may want to try the standalone installer from here


Thanks so much for pointing out the standalone installers. Worked like a charm.