Information for users connected to ZebPay

One Most important thing is you can keep only on brave Device actively connected to zebpay …

if you have two devices you can connect both after connection of second device first devices got disconnected from zebpay if you connect first device again your second device get disconnected this is series issue .

Doesn’t happen for me.

is there a way to disconnect zebpay from brave rewards after seeing all this i don’t think i wanna use it now

Nope. No way I guess. See, it’s not that hard to waive off the fee. What you can do is to deposit 250 rupees, you’ll get 238 in your wallet and buy USDT (it’s stable coin) (don’t see it fluctuating much) for 30₹ and sell it next month for a similar price. When you buy Usdt you’re guaranteeing 2 months of no membership fees basically.

what if i don’t wanna add any money to zebpay, my payout won’t be that big so its just wasting money

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Nope, you add 250 you’ll get 238 in your account, you can buy Usdt worth 30 and hold it you’ll still have 208 in your wallet which you can withdraw. You’ll surely earn more than 42 in one month or atleast in two I suppose.

As far as I can see, many are stuck until new exchange is introduced.

Monthly membership fee appears to have complicated explaination here. Here are some simplifying points from ZebPay’s FAQs on monthly membership fee:

  1. This fee is only applied to accounts in which there have been NO trades done in the previous month.

  2. The fee will be charged on the 1st of the month for the balance on that date

  3. If your balance on the 1st is zero, you won’t be charged any fee. At no time will your balance go below zero

This genuinly interesting. Some users may also get BATs too small to make a trade let alone pay the membership fee.

So there is also this point there @harsh_sharma-" If your crypto and INR balance is below the fee, your fee amount will be reduced."

You may have to contact support to know exactly what fee you will have to pay if your balance is low. But if balance is zero, surely there won’t be any deduction for you next month.

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but this is simply not fair like uphold was so much better! now its like you are signing up for a trade deal that if you don’t make it you pay for it

Brave Rewards team and Zebpay should work on it and make some clarifications on this situation cause everyone had this concern on their mind.

The third point is interesting , so whats the problem here , you get some bats in zebpay , you sell them and there it will be counted as a trade. is there minimum amount for a transaction to take place , i dont know this but i read @SmartyAadi wrote you can even do trades for just 100 Rs . And if you are not even earning 100Rs worth of bats a month , Guys what are even here for then

Is it guaranteed that we will definately get the lower limit of the estimated earnings atleast as shown in our browser

:wave: @harsh_sharma, created a thread for the same!!

that’s great! gonna look into it!

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Here are some more updates.

So, in ZebPay, there is a Brave Rewards section and there it shows BAT balance in two parts. One as Brave Rewards balance and the other as ZebPay BAT Balance:

The monthly payouts from Brave would be first reflected in Brave Rewards Balance and then the user will have to transfer (manually or Auto Sweep once in 90 days) them to ZebPay. As long as BATs remain in Brave Rewards Balance, they won’t be included in ZebPay Portfolio and will not be used to deduct Monthly Membersship Fee. These are their responses to my ticket-


@harsh_sharma and @Kay146, I guess you guys would be happy now. If your rewards payout is small and you can’t make a trade, just don’t transfer them to ZebPay wallet and accumulate them in Brave Rewards Balance until you have enough BATs to trade.

And let’s say you get 2 BATs in October payouts and you transferred them to ZebPay but didn’t make a trade, your entire 2 BATs will likely be deducted to make up for the membership fee-

So just be careful and play smart. Hope it helps! And ZebPay support has been brilliant. All questions answered, just in a day.


Thats a great news man

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that is nice!
just suppose that i collect 40 bats and then i wanna sell them to transfer the money to my bank account during the month will Zebpay deduct the 0.0001 BTC?


Nope. Once you sell them, you’ve done a trade therefore waive the fee.

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Thanks so much Aman. Really appreciate it man!

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My pleasure. Also, since you said ₹30 for minimum trade for USDT, I’m wondering if you are using quick trade on ZebPay?

Quick trade has 2% fee, while on Exchange it’s 0.45% with limit order, though minimum trade is ₹99.

Nah. Didn’t buy USDT. I had read it somewhere in the FAQ. It’s at

Listed under exchange limits → Usdt.

Now I hope, exchange is the same as sell😂. Don’t really understand much of this stuff sometimes