Incoming bat is gone?

Incoming Bat within 1 day is gone but Bat stays the same as before,? im pretty new to this but what’s going on?

I experience the same issue. Kinda frustrated that this is a new issue to encounter aside from not receiving full BAT rewards.

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Hello fellow Swede. I’m also a new Brave user. The same thing happened for me. The countdown disappeared on my phone and on my laptop. But my balance is still zero. Haha, is this a joke? Such a waste of time spending time & effort looking at crypto ads, when I could have used a different browser with ad block instead.

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Tjenare :ok_hand: i don’t know man i’ve been stuck on 19,750 Bat since i verified the wallet like a month ago, the incoming is just gone and no activity yet in august :man_shrugging: weird,

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My Uphold balance is still at zero.

BAT is not received to uphold account= ? gone bat fix problem

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Woke up today and saw that i got my bat :partying_face:
Not stuck on 19,750 anymore. How is it going for you?

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How is it going for all of you who replied to my comment? I recived mine, :+1:

Guys, see the progress of the payments here: Monthly Ads Payout Status Update

@kalleanka I like when you don’t get the payments for 1 day and talk about leaving the browser and when you get it later, you say that this is the best Browser ever.


Cool thanks. as i said in my original post, (im very new to this) but slowly learning and getting more interested in crypto.

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