Unable to use startpage search engine

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Description of the issue:
When going to Brave settings on mobile (phone)ios, and switching search engine to “startpage” browser will no longer search anything, and white screen only pops up, but it has the footer of the startpage website.

I use Brave now, on desktop, ipad, and iphone all start page searches work on ipad and desktop, however not on iphone.
However ipad and iphone are using the same version of brave stated below, but desktop is using version 150.114

Brave Version (check About Brave):

Operating System:

@144k I’m unable to replicate this problem on my iPhone. I’m not sure if might need to clear cache/cookies or what you might be experiencing. Just to show you, I did a small video of me on iPhone. I started with iPhone settings so you can see which iOS version and all. Then I showed Brave version, so you know it’s the same as you. After which, changed to Startpage and did some searches. Once through browser and second one on their site’s search box. Both resulted in no problems.

This might also be tied into your issue that you posted about over at Browser crashes if can find out what’s going on.

Correct. iOS versions always fall behind in terms of numbers. That said, iOS also tends to be used for testing and gets features before Desktop or Android. For example, Playlist and VPN both arrived to iOS version before the others. Also as I kind of stated in my comment on your other topic, iOS version of Brave runs like Firefox/Webkit whereas Brave on Desktop and Android runs on Chromium. So you have a lot of little differences between the two. So it gets a bit confusing with how version numbers don’t tend to align between the operating systems.

Thank you for feedback and directions on how to post the analytics from the ipad. I recently just posted it.

As far as the startpage suddenly not searching. I tried everything over a course of two days, and finally I deleted the app and I’m currently going to reinstall it to see if anything changes.

However to reiterate, both ipad and iphone have same versions of brave installed, yet only one (iphone) will no longer allow searches with startpage.

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Which is why I was wondering if you just needed to clear cookies/cache on the iPhone. But I also know if it’s the same iPhone that’s been crashing, it might be correlated where it’s something like a memory issue or whatever. For those details, it’s going to take Support or developers to review your information. I’m just trying to help make sure you have all the data they need to be able to properly assist you (and offering what little help I can in the interim)