Recent upgrade: home page is not rendering - White Screen

** Description
After upgrading to a recent version of Brave (currently v1.64.122 Desktop Version on MacOS), the home page for renders as a White Screen. In addition the Search results appear different to Chrome.

Wondering if MacOS Desktop is rendering with a media Device Profile??

** Reproduced

** Expected Result
Start Page Home page with search form.
Start Page Results page with Images, Videos. News, Shopping and Search Form (Missing)

** Additional Information
Have attached Chrome and Brave HAR files
When doing a search from the address bar (can’t use the form) Brave does a GET search whereas Chrome does a PoST query. When doing a GET query, the results do not include some options. I have attached screenshots.

[Can’t upload HAR files]

** Steps Tried

  1. Private Window Mode - same
  2. Disable and clear cache - same
  3. Disable Brave Shields - same
  4. Disable hardware acceleration - same
  5. Disable all Extensions - same
  6. Disable filters - same
  7. Rename Brave Settings folder - same
  8. Create a new User Profile - same
  9. Checked MacOS Console, no blaring issues or errors
  10. No console errors (Javascript etc)
  11. Disabled and reenabled DNSCrypt (was working with this enabled before) - same
  12. Disabled and reenabled Network Filter - Little Snitch (was working before) - same

Works fine with Google Chrome

Thank you for the detailed report and including what troubleshooting steps you’ve already tried — much appreciated.

That being said, I’m not sure what the issue you’re encountering is. On my end, I’m able to visit startpage, search and use the site normally. We did just release a browser update to v1.65.114 today — can you please update to the latest build and check and see if the issue persists?

Thanks for the response @Mattches
Strange, I can confirm that it is working again now. I haven’t changed anything so thats a bit weird.

I’m still using this version:
Version 1.64.122 Chromium: 123.0.6312.122 (Official Build) (x86_64)

** Original HAR Files

[Brave and Chrome HAR Files]

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