Improve Brave's Ad Rev


If Brave asked questions when pitching third party adds at us, Brave could gradually refine our interest profiles.


Brendan (Founder of Brave) would personally guarantee that any metadata obtained about user interests, would only be shared in aggregate with prospective advertisers. Such sharing would be done to help Brave explain the enhanced value of their add spaces.

Brendan would achieve this by setting up a separate, For Profit, company, that is contractually bound to its user base by privacy specific EUA’s. This FP would exclusively serve add target grooming services to Brave.

The FP would provide Brave with user questionnaires, and Brandon’s face would be used as the FP’s logo as a fast link to the EUA.

Users would be able to see an infographic dashboard summary of their stated and inferred interests, generated purely by their answer responses to served adds and questionnaires.

The FP woyld NOT generate interest profile metadata using user browser activity, a fact that would be very prominent in the EUA.

Brendan’s FP would also allow linking to Quora and other interest profile generating sites. It would do this without contacting or partnering with said sites, so that the FP’s loyalty to its users would never be compromised. It would instead provide its users with an FOI form that legally compels those sites to divulge the data they store on a user to said user.

A data vulnerability score or index would be used to flag possible oversharing behaviour to users. Users would then be able to edit their own Brave Interest Profile (BIP) directly, using a text editor in the BIP’d wysiwyg dashboard.

Brendan will divulge all financials publicly, and be totally transparent in his operations regarding his new FP.

The reason this FP business model will work is that users will trust Brendan even more than they trust Brave. Also, the FP could be audited by third party, unskilled journalists and bloggers, without exposing Brave to similar snooping. Online media would then have more to discuss about Bruce’s product differentiation, and some very credible security brands would be able to weigh in on the efficacy of firewalled user interest profiles. Which would all be great advertising in of itself, for Brave (and Brendan).

Meanwhile, this FP would also help the Brendan brand in it’s journey toward Empire, as Brendan is surely not going to stop at just inventing Brave as his sole contribution to global freedom, right? :slight_smile:

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