Track my data so I can sell it myself

Was thinking it’d be interesting to have the option to sell my data

What? what do you mean? :thinking:

he means advertisers have to pay him for his personal details, like his personnel preferences, age, location etc… basically everything Facebook sells them already, which is coming to an end soon

That never gonna happend. Of course no website will “pay” for the user provide thay data, and neverless, that is not something that is related with Brave - or any other browser for that matter.

not brave for sure, but I wouldn’t say every other browser

What I think he means is allow brave advertisers to do targeted ads based on personal info that could be collected, maybe pay a premium to brave users who would be willing to opt in, some people actually enjoy relevant ads believe it or not and are more likely to buy their product

Would Brave users be interested in receiving more BAT for more targeted/relevant ads? completely optional of course


Allow me to choose what info to give out and I wouldn’t have an issue with makin a lil more BAT; just a single off-and-on toggle wouldn’t be sufficient imo.