Has Brave ever sold their customers private information

I heard that Brave was caught selling their user’s data at least two times so far.

Is this true and is Brave being transparent about it on their website?

What private information would the Brave people have (whether or not they misuse it)?

Brave doesn’t have any customer data to sell; it was the “most private” browser as determined by reputable researchers in the industry. No other browser tested was as good.

It would be helpful if you cited the claims themselves; I’d be more than happy to discuss any concerns individuals may have with Brave and/or any of the services we offer.

Perhaps the original comment was made in response to Brave’s novel, privacy-preserving digital ads offering?

Brave Ads don’t sell user data, making them distinctly different from today’s online advertising. Today’s online advertising harvests user-data, stores it in remote servers, spreads it across a sea of third-parties, and sells it to the highest bidder.

Brave Ads is an opt-in, consent-based model which (intentionally) lacks any harvesting of user data. Instead of sending user-data up into the cloud, Brave Ads sends an ad-catalog down to the user’s device. Ad-matching happens privately, on the user’s machine (as opposed to invasively, out in the cloud). If/when a relevant ad is found, the browser displays it to the user (trying not to interrupt). Under the Brave Ads model, the user receives 70% of the associated revenue for their attention (not their data).

I hope this helps!


That’s what I thought.
The clue is there is no “Brave log in”.

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