Improving on user profiles for greater privacy and uniqueness

Hello world,

Working more and more with Brave user profiles it seems these could use a few improvements for which i file a feature request to bundle such here.

In general Brave user profiles are a great enhancement and can greatly improve security as well as privacy. I’ve even succefully used Brave user profiles to load untrusted sites mostly securely.


User profiles are sensible ways to distinguish between session data for one or more sites

Here is a list of what could make the user profiles a more mature feature in Brave.

  1. The ability to define one or more user profile templates to copy settings from when creating a profile.


This could greatly enhance the usability of user profiles and could also offer Brave (or browser admin) a means to offer pre-defined profiles which reflect their view on privacy / security etc.

  1. The ability to designate to open a specific (*.|).domain.tld or URL in a specific profile only and to also open any loading of this domain into a specific user profile automatically or after asking


This could make Brave a viable tool to enhance the secure browsing experience. In turn for browser admin this can offer the means to designate a profile which only works for internal/approved(trusted) URL and one for generic internet browsing (for example)

  1. The ability to restrict URL from one profile to load into another profile


This could permit for Brave to not be slowed down by looking up site access using one of the many URL but to have a block-list prepared in-browser. Thinking here also of something like a kiosk mode.

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