Adding new security and privacy features

The search engine is great. Im not saying to change the search results, but i would like the brave search engine to be even MORE secure, like as secure as start page. I know its already secure and stuff but add the same features that start page has. And no, im not talking about the anonymous button. Im talking about adding a no search history option button in settings, make your searches always encrypted and not able to read in the links, get encrypted connection, have my ip never be stored anywhere on brave. You guys should also add a “Auto delete history after _ days” option. Also, i dont think much people are going to buy the brave vpn unless its daddies money because most SMART people use Protonvpn, so how about you make it free, and then when they enable the vpn, ads will have to show up. Like websites will show up at top results, when the user clicks the vpn button it’ll have to make the user go through 3 10 second ads, this is just so your company does not lose only from doing this.