Impossible to be verified

Hi, I’ve try to verified my website but impossible for 2 solutions.

  1. Brave tell me my website is not on https, impossible to go at next step
  2. I’ve put TXT code on my DNS domain but Brave tell me TXT token not found

How can I do, I’m on wordpress with planethoster host for information


Hmm, I was going to say the one below might help clarify things for you, but you’re saying your own domain, aren’t you?

In which case, I’m going to recommend an article from a couple years ago as it might help. This is a completely random suggestion I found and I can’t tell you if it’ll work. But at least wanted to put something out there.

If nothing else, it might help clarify things with your TXT code. I guess reply if you’ve already tried and not having luck, if it works, or what you end up doing.

I don’t receive my june reward help please

@ED.Design , @Saoiray

Example of what to do - re TXT record in DNS records - by @andrewdillonpoetry:

@Saoiray - good find (I had forgotten; tx).

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@289wk @Saoiray nothing again :face_exhaling:

thanks anyway


Did you look over:

Testing . . .

Go to: ‘

Use the MXToolBox SuperTool. In the entry field, enter (no quotes): “txt:” The TXT Lookup tool will become available.

Enter your website domain name. Example result for ‘’:

Screen Shot 2022-07-11 at 9.05.23 PM

When you right-click on the tiny padlock icon, at the left end of the Internet browser URL address field, and check on the certificate . . . do you get something like, for example, the PlanetHoster website’s certificate (but of course, info about the certificate that you purchased):

Is there a conflict between, where you entered the TXT record:

  • at your website’s host -AND-
  • at the website where your domain name is registered

. . . those two being different websites?

The name servers info for your domain AT YOUR REGISTRAR’s WEBSITE, should point to the webhost for your website.

Hi @ED.Design, what’s the URL that you’re attempting to verify? Can take a closer look.

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