Unable to verify GitHub-hosted Jekyll site because "we were redirected too many times"


Unable to verify my personal website for Brave Creators.

I built my website with Jekyll static site generator using the Minima theme. The site is hosted on GitHub Pages.

Technical details

OS: Mac OS 12.3.1 (M1)
Brave: Version 1.38.115 Chromium: 101.0.4951.64

Steps to reproduce

  1. Added the hidden directory .well-known to my repo.
  2. Downloaded brave-rewards-verification.txt, and added it to .well-known.
  3. Added, committed, & pushed local repo to my remote repo.
  4. On my Brave Creators homepage, attempted to verify personal website.
    Each time, I receive the following error message:
Retry Verification
Your website, andrewdillonpoetry.com, was not verified because we were redirected too many times to verify your domain.
Please reduce the number of redirects.


  • I’ve tried turning off Brave Shields on the Creators website.
  • I’ve tried adding .well-known to my Jekyll config file: include: .well-known/.
  • I’m aware of two similar posts, though neither mentions Jekyll:
    • lubombo—closed without comment
    • Sutorippu—closed without specifying solution; other comments in the thread did not resolve for me.


Might be better to use DNS TXT record, instead of the file.

Thanks, I was looking into that, but not sure how the record should look. In this case, would I copy the contents of brave-rewards-verification.txt into the text record Data field?

And would Host name be “@” or “.well-known”?

Host name Type TTL Data
@ TXT 1H This is a Brave Rewards publisher verification file.
Domain: andrewdillonpoetry.com
Token: asdf1234…

I believe I was able to verify using the DNS verification option, rather than the file upload verification method.

You’ll fill out the DNS record similarly to this:

Host name Type TTL Data
TXT 1H brave-ledger-verification=0e5e9be6d9a40ff3da74315f3ba41383a3a5f9ec0a83c2040b78eb77543ab3582721ea


  • You’ll leave Host name blank for Brave verification; verifications must point to the primary domain, not subdomains.
  • The Data field is formatted differently than the content of brave-rewards-verification.txt so that it fits on a single line.

I received an email immediately from Brave that my website had been verified, but am still waiting for that to be reflected in the BAT button when I visit my website. Brave’s documentation indicates it could take 24h.

Here are the relevant articles:


@alissamccaw , @Chocoholic ,

Good info, re using DNS TXT record, in order to verify Brave Rewards > Creators - thanks to @andrewdillonpoetry


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