Impossible activer Brave rewards / unable to activate rewards

Brave revars suddenly went out after months of regualt use. When I try to re-enable it , I get an “unexpected-error”. Using last version, from France. Have Uphold verified. How do I fix that ?

Coukd you Update to the latest version?
Also what device are you on?
If on Pc/Mac, coukd you try creating a new profile and see if it can be activated there? Don’t add any data to new profile for testing, we just wanna see if it’s a corrupted profile or corrupted installation of Brave.

Create a new profile by clicking on the Hamburger Menu near URL bar and selecting create new profile.

Hi and thanks for your help. I have last update on Window 10. I created a new profile and rewards can be activated on the new profile.


If you don’t have any vBAT in the old profile, could you try resetting brave rewards?

But you might have error connecting to Uphold or Gemini if you’re not from a region listed at

I ha some vBat and upHold connected since april. I can’t find how to reset brave rewards. I also found that my brave Wallet is disconnected/resetted.
on Rewds interna I founed this mention : 11/05/2023 19:59:49 promotion_corrupted_migrated2
I sent a ticket.

I linked the wrong page. Anyways since you raised a ticket you’ll have official support helping

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