Importing passwords from firefox

Hi guys. I am atm changing from firefox to brave and I wanna know if theres a way to import the saved passwords from firefox into brave? u know these simple passwords for example when u register and u get asked do u wanna save your password and u say yes… and then firefox saves these passwords. and brave have this feature too obviously and I wanna know if i can somehow import these saved passwords from firefox to brave somehow. thx for answer already greets

Hey @thehunter,

It is possible to do this, yes.

Follow this guide for exporting passwords from Firefox →

Follow this guide for importing passwords to Brave →

It might be different depending on the OS you’re using, but hopefully you will have no issues.


It didnt work unfortunately. The part with the exporting from firefox worked then it saved it in a .csv file. Then i tried to import it to brave but it just gave me option to report it from a browser or an html file… I selected firefox (and clicked import bookmarks and passwords)… it imported the bookmarks yes but not the passwords… When i go on youtube for example (or any other site where i had the passwords saved) it doesn’t show me anything :frowning:

And I dont undestand why I even had to export the passwords to a .csv file when it imports it directly from firefox apparently… which it nit did though…

A help would be really nice

It worked now but else:

Menu → Settings → Advanced Settings → Passwords → that icon with the three points → Import → select .csv file


Edit: Before doing this you have to export the passwords from firefox of course like described in the link Adrian_02 posted:

Sorry that it wasn’t clear enough based on the links I posted, but I’m glad to hear that you resolved the issue.