Unable to import passwords from Firefox

I just downloaded Brave and am excited to start using it and get away from Firefox. Exporting my bookmarks from Firefox to Brave was easy.

As for exporting my passwords from Firefox–not so much. I did the same thing as when I exported my bookmarks–chose Mozilla Firefox from the dropdown, then put a check mark in the box for exporting passwords.

But all it ever does is keep importing my bookmarks. Yet I un-checked bookmarks and everything on the list except Passwords. But it still refuses to import my Firefox passwords.

Does anyone have an answer to this dilemma? Thanks!

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Hi, do you happen to have multiple Firefox profiles? In which case, could you be selecting the wrong profile from which to import?

Aside from that, it may be easiest to do an actual export to CSV from Firefox first, and then import that into Brave.

(As an aside, I wonder if this issue might have something to do with whether or not you’re using a ‘Firefox Account’ (aka ‘Lockwise’) to store the passwords?)

Anyway, provided you can export them to CSV, you should be able to move them into Brave like so:

In brave://settings/passwords:


then choose “Import passwords.”

If everything works out, don’t forget to delete the CSV file after.

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