Import Passwords from Firefox


About three days ago I installed Brave additional to Firefox, because I want to switch to using only Brave eventually. I remember during installation I was offered to have my passwords transferred from the Firefox to Brave.
Some Passwords were indeed transferred, some like the mail accounts, were not…

Is there a way to transfer ALL passwords that are stored in Firefox ?

Thank you…

Open brave://settings/importData and check if you can import desired data from Mozilla Firefox.

Thank you, but that is what I did. Only, I now find that I have to enter about every second password manually, as I write, f.e. the passwords of my e-mail account had to entered manually… ?

Is there some information somewhere, which passwords are actually transferred and which ones are not?

Do you see your passwords over here - brave://settings/passwords ?

Thank you for that hint. NO, only the ones I actually typed in manually. I used the “transfer from Firefox twice” !!!

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