Importing Bookmarks from Safari

After importing Bookmarks from Safari to Brave, I decided to change the bookmarks in Safari hoping that returning to accomplish the task of re-import the new bookmarks to the Brave. However, this new import did not change anything in the Brave bookmarks.

Will there be any way to sync Safari and Brave bookmarks constantly or when I decide to do it again?

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bookmark in browser does not sync to the other one

go to setting then Import bookmarks and settings then choose your browser then select what ever you like there then import

i do not know if it will overwrite the current bookmark or will duplicate it if there repeating links so better to export your current one in case if something gone from brave bookmarks

hope that help and have a nice day

Thanks “justsome1”

Imagine after the first import from Safari to Brave, I decided to create a new bookmark folder in Safari. Ok, I can go to Brave and create the same new bookmark folder there. But imagine is not 1 new bookmark folder but 20 or I decid to change the position of 50 tab in to diferent bookmark folder. Imagine that I spent an hour organizing bookmarks in Safari. Ok, I can spent another hour to organizing bookmarks in Brave. But, imagine I can import again the new bookmarks from Safari to Brave and only spent 10 second to update the Brave bookmarks, I will save one hour of my time.

Although Brave is the best browser on the market, there will certainly be users who will continue to work with Safari, for whatever reason.

If both bookmarks are synchronized or have the power to decide to re-import, it will greatly facilitate the work of users !!

Thanks in advance


if the case that you want the same copy of bookmark in safari to be duplicated in brave then

after edit the safari bookmark or modify it or arrange it then go to brave delete all bookmark there then do the import option i mentioned then you will get the same copy of bookmark in brave

for sync across different browser i do not think or see any browser implement that option

does safari has the option to auto sync bookmark from other browser like chrome or firefox or opera or anything else ?

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Thanks again,

Sometimes the solution is simple and in fact I recognize that I didn’t remember to delete all the tabs from the bookmarks in Brave and import again.

Thank you very much

you very welcome

we all miss something all the time and glad it worked out

you welcome :slight_smile:

Done :slight_smile: Result in 20 seconds :slight_smile: I’m new with Brave Thanks again

well done

welcome to the brave world and you welcome :slight_smile:

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