Importing bookmarks

I’m new to Brave & have it installed on a desktop Windows 10 PC & an iPad.
I managed to import bookmarks from Firefox to Brave on the PC but how do I do the same on an iPad.
According to the instructions I’ve found it states:

  1. Launch Brave and open the Main menu
  2. Select Bookmarks --> Import Bookmarks and Settings
  3. Select from the list of detected browsers you want to Import from
  4. Check the desired settings to import and click Import

This fails at step 2 where I open the menu, select Bookmarks & a window pops up asking me to make a new folder! This I do but then what? The only option is to tap on Done & I’m back where I started.
I have both Firefox & Safari & installed on the iPad, both having the Bookmarks I’d like on Brave. How can I do that?

The instructions above is only for desktop. Mobile version have no import/export feature.

The team is re-working on Sync. Once this feature available, you can import your bookmarks tp desktop version and syncing it to mobile.

Thanks for your help. That’s a shame as it’s a great browser.

I installed the brave browser on my desktop and imported bookmarks there, then enabled sync in the flags (its off at the moment due to brave crashing) then synced my ipad.

Lots of glorious bookmarks ahoy.

Ah yes, that seems to work. Thank you.

Be careful, I also missed the synchronization and re-enabled it in the flags. After that Brave crashed multiple-times in a row, 'till I disabled synchronization again.

I assume you’re saying it crashed on the PC, not the ipad. It seems pretty stable here - been working most of the day although I read somewhere that it had been removed because of a bug. However, as I say, it’s fine at present.

Yes @DLA13 Brave crashes on macOS after re-enabling the synchronization. I only had to open a new website and seconds later Brave closes by itself. After disabling the synchronization again, the issue was gone.

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