Improve bookmark imports from other browsers

When I started with Brave, I imported my bookmarks from Chrome. Worked like a charm.

But since I was only experimenting with Brave, I also continued to use Chrome, which meant that I continued accumulating new Chrome bookmarks.

Right now Brave does NOT sync with Chrome, or automatically update new Chrome bookmarks after an initial import. That kind of sync would really help people like me experiment with Brave.

After a while I had enough new bookmarks in Chrome that I decided to re-import all my bookmarks to Brave. I thought: “OK, if I have to do this every few weeks, that’s not so bad.” Brave let me go through the motions, and in the end it said or confirmed that I had imported my Chrome bookmarks. But it failed to capture the new ones. Apparently it saw that I’d already done an import from Chrome and decided to skip the actual re-import work and just report that the job had been done. If Brave can’t sync with another browser, at least it should support periodic efforts to force a new import of the bookmarks from another browser.