I'm verified in Uphold but my website is still having the error "this brave publisher has not yet configured for brave ads"

Hi everyone,

I’ve now verified my uphold account but brave browser is still showing a warning to my site visitors

An error that the publisher is verified but have not configured to receive BAT.

And that the BAT will remain in their account until I configured.

I want to know what is wrong.

My website is www.shootoutnow.com

And other platforms like YouTube and Twitter

When did you verified your sites on publishers?

Sometimes this process takes up to a week to spread changes on devices around the world.

Also, Uphold verification is different from site/channels verification.


connected my uphold account to brave publisher and my uphold account( All required are done or uphold account are verified successfully) are connected but they show “We are having trouble communicating with Uphold. Try reconnecting Continue to Verify”

Does it mean I have to wait for days and recheck? I have done the KYC two days ago and there is no warning in my brave reward dashboard and uphold mark my account as verified. @ambrocioisaias2808

Every channel linked to your publisher account needs up to one week to notify every device around the world that you are a verified Brave Creator.

In any case, probably, if you still don´t see your website like a verified site, is your device with an outdated list of verified sites:

from my side you are verified

Have you tried re-connecting. Also be aware that if you have 2 or more uphold accounts to your name can cause trouble

Thank you so much for reply sir
Yes I’ve do many to reconnecting sir
when i create main verified account, i creat new uphold account for timepass and even it is not verified
What i do now sir

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