Unable to link verified Uphold account to publisher account

So, I created my creator’s account last night and already have a verified Uphold account that has been receiving ad rewards(2 android devices) from the last 2 months.
I decided to integrate brave with mt reddit and twitter handles. However, every time I try to connect my wallet this pops up.

Even after I select BAT or any other crypto from the dropdown and hit save, the pop up loads again. This is happening on a loop and I am not able to get any referral links activated because of this. @steeven Can you please check and let me know if I’m doing something wrong. The only diierence is that my Uphold account email address and the creators account email address are different. Could that be a problem in this case?

Hey @roopka007, please provide the email Id that you have created your publisher account here tagging @steeven or send him message attaching your email Id and with this post link.

let him diagnose providing some more information. As you said the pop is showing a loading spinner.

record a video of the spinner and send that to him as well.

They may need these kinda information to fix the issue,

Note: I saw many posts in this forum, asking for the above mentioned details. (Nothing mentioned with any personal intention)

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Hi @roopka007 - please DM me the email linked to your account. Thanks!

Its working now @steeven. I done why it was misbehaving over the weekend.

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